Satan's Rebellion

Date: May 27, 1978

Pre-history-Before Jesus Christ; Before Gen. 1:1; The beginning is John 1:1-3.

John 1:1. - Word  = The one who is the Spokesman of the Godhead.

                           = One personage with God who is a personage. Both God.

John 1:2-3 - (Eph. 3:9; John 1:14).

                The Word became Jesus Christ.

                No universe at the time. They were just in outer space together.

                               1st created angels.

                Spirit, not matter. Created before the Earth.

Job 1:1, 9-12.

Job 2:4-7.

Job 38:1 & 4, 5-7   - The sons of God are = the angels.

                            - They existed before Earth’s creation.

                            - Why shout for joy? Because Earth was to be their abode.

                            - Angels were on Earth before humans.

Gen. 1:1.          - Heaven(s) – pl.

                        - The universe being created.

                        - Was not finished. Angels put on Earth to finish it.

The ONLY thing God cannot create by fiat: Holy, righteous, perfect character.

If the angels succeeded, they would have moved on to create other planets and continued to move on creating.

                        A super-archangel was over the angels.

Isa. 14:12.     - Lucifer = Shining star of the dawn; light bringer/bringer of light and truth; son of the morning.

                     - How – Nations? Is better translated: How are thou who did weaken the nations cut down to the ground?

Vs. 13.           - Lucifer had a throne (on Earth; under the clouds) – A king, over the angels.

                     - North = Where God’s throne is.

Vs. 14.           - like (become) – I will become the most high myself.

Vs. 15.           - hell (grave).

Eze. 28:2.

Eze 28:11-13.

Vs 12.            - King (not prince) of Tyre.

                     - King: not human; Prince: human

Vs. 13.

Vs. 14,15.      - Anointed cherubim that covers (Ex. 24/25) – throne of God.

                     - Lucifer: created, perfectly.

                     - Iniquity

                     - Created with a mind of his own.

                     - God set/taught correctly.

                     - Satan choose the bad character.

Vs. 16.          - destroyed (remove) thee.

                    - Lucifer now becomes Satan.

Vs. 17.

Rev. 12.        - Satan and 1/3 of the angels falling.

                                Satan led a rebellion; destruction.

Gen. 1:2.      - was (became) ...because God does not create this way.

                    - Tohu and Bohu = without form/void

                    - Chaotic, confusion, waste and empty, corruption, degeneration.

                    - Earth was covered in water, completely, at that time. It was all dark.

Gen. 1:3.

Ps. 114:30.    - God sends forth His Spirit.

                     - God creates through Christ (The Word). Christ speaks and it is created.

                       God’s Spirit is the power that does the creating.

                     - Renewest – when? Gen. 1.

Gen. 1:1.       - God = Elohim (uni-plural) = God the Father and The Word (Who became Jesus).

The angels failed in their great purpose.

God and The Word – the ONLY ones who cannot sin.

Man created out of physical matter.

Restoring the government of God and character of God in humans.    

Satan has deceived all nations – to come in another program.

This program: The beginning through restoring the surface of the Earth for humans.

The Wall

Sep 5 '23
Good summary of pre-history through Gen 1:2.
Sep 5 '23
An explanation of Lucifer’s fall(Isaiah 14; Ezekiel 28) to become Satan.
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By HerbertWArmstrong
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